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We really love hearing from our puppy owners with updates and pictures. We want to share some of them with you.



Hi Gabrielle:
Hi Mom:
Hi everybody:
    Well it's my first Christmas, and boy it's fun.  One of my favorite things is to shred paper, and there is lots of it under the tree. There is a Santa on the door knob and I get it down and run around the house with it. The bell on Santa jingles, mom notices I have it, and then I get to play keep-a-way! 
    I'm big now, over 30 pounds.  That means I can jump on the bed if I want to.  The best thing to do is to jump on the bed about 1 hour before mom and dad get up and lick them awake! Fun!
    I have been to school and I did good.  My trainer said I'm the second best corgi ever at their school.  What do they know, I'm the best and I know it.  If they would just let me do things my way they would know it too.
    I have three houses. The Corona house, and Bullhead City river house, and our trailer.  I like them all. When I'm at Corona my friend Bailey the 18 pound Beagle comes over.  I like to play with him.  I used to have to do what he wanted, but now I don't.  Ha Ha, he doesn't like that either!  When I'm at the river I get to bark the ducks away.  If they won't go I just swim out after them.  They go quack, quack and they leave. When we go in our trailer I get to smell and claim lots of new places.  I have been to 17 states and I don't know how many campgrounds. I'm the self designated campground greeter and that is really fun.  I like the water a lot, but one time I got scared.  We were at Durango, Colorado and I saw ducks in the river.  I tried to bark them away but they would not go.  Well, what could I do, I ran in and swam out to them. The current caught me and washed me down some rapids and things.  Mom and Dad were running down the shore yelling, and finally I got out.  When we got back where we started the ducks were still there!!  I met Corky the Corgi at Half Moon Bay, just below San Francisco.  Corky and I played on the beach and in the surf. Fun.
    I never meet anyone I did not like, except maybe ducks, until I met squirrels. I DON'T LIKE SQUIRRELS!  They like to come into MY campsite, and they don't bark away. They seem to know just how long my lead is too.  If I can charge right into them they just run up the nearest tree a little way, then they look at me and chirp.  I think they are laughing at me! It makes me real mad, and usually mom or dad has to come with the squirt gun to make me stop barking. Sometimes I get mad at mom and dad.  Like the time they left me in the trailer and went to dinner without me. Well, l didn't like that, so I eat a hole in dads chair. HA, they took me with them the rest of the trip!
    I learned a new trick, well a couple.  My moms friend won't give me a treat unless I shake first.  Jeese, what a pain.  But a treat is a treat, so oh well. I like it better when I'm in charge.  For example, I like ice cubes.  You can lick them, chew them, flick them around, or just let them make a puddle.  When I see mom or dad with a cup with ice in it I just get into that sit position they like so much and BRAT BARK them! It works almost every time.  When I'm hungry to.  Or just want a treat!
    I like to go on walks, and usually I get to go at least 2 times a day.  When we are traveling I get to walk around the campgrounds and new towns and stuff. People talk to me and pet me a lot. Dad says I'm a chick magnet.  Some people know about corgi's and want to know all about me, and some people want to know what happened to my legs!  The people at my school said I was a tribute to my breeder.  I met a corgi breeder in the campground in Durango who said I was almost perfect.  She said the only thing was that the white on my left leg comes up a little bit too high. Take a look at my picture and see what you think.
    Well, company will be here soon and that's great because it means petting and treats!  First though I have to put my court jester collar on, or maybe my reindeer antlers, I'm not sure. It's OK either way, I don't mind.  I actually like the attention.
Merry Christmas to everybody,
P.S. When they got back from dinner I told them I was sorry I eat the chair.


Hi Peggy -

I thought I'd send you the latest in Ceilidh's accomplishments. Last week she 'graduated' from her first class in Puppy School and these are pics from the celebration. She knows down, sit, stay (mostly), come (mostly), shake hands, kiss, kennel, bedtime, up the stairs, downstairs, treats, cookie, home and Tucker. She's become quite athletic, is VERY fast, and will start a 'brother-sister' dog class with Tucker this Thursday. She's funny, sweet, speedy, and tenacious - all the things a well-rounded Corgi should be! She is also becoming quite lovely as you can see. She's been going to puppy 'socials' on Sunday mornings to help her with her shyness around other dogs - not Tucker, as she very much 'owns' him and ALL toys in the house! But she's been a little shy with other dogs, so we give her an hour to play with other puppies under six months old and it's made a huge difference. Your early care of her and exceptional human socializing is apparent with everyone, as she is sweet and well-behaved with people and everyone who meets her just loves her.

Hope you like the pics - we'll send more from time to time,

Best to you and Ken,

Sherry Hartwig and Baylor Riddell


hi peggy, bucky is doing well. he is over a year and a half now and looking like a real adult. its striking how much he is looking like his mom, jasmine. speaking of her – I met her brother, buck’s uncle, in Russian hill in san Francisco. he was a tricolor named fred. it was fun to make a family connections. buck is as smart as can be. his favorite thing is our long off leash walks on cool days where he can show off his full bore speed. he is now faster than me when I am in full sprint. he also loves chasing and wrestling with big dogs at the dog park. he can be quite tenacious and rarely submits to the other dogs. he is healthy as can be. though keeping his weight at a healthy level is constant work as he is a chow hound like I have never seen. he is amazingly fast at picking up tricks if food is the reward. one of his craftiest tricks that he came up with on his own is to seek out dog owners at the park having training sessions with their dogs. bucky gets himself right in there and performs all the tricks the owner is asking their dog to do… and of course gets the treat. I have attached a picture of bucky getting his first look at snow a few months ago. he loved it of course. I also attached one of him sheep herding. we went one day last summer and it was amazing to see his instincts kick in. he liked it until one of the sheep stamped at him and then he wasn’t so sure about chasing them around. all the best, -shawn

Hi Peggy,

The next time I come to California I just might bring a trailer and fill it with animals from your place! Pika is a dream. She folded into our family as if she has always been here. The travel was no problem for her. We left a trail of sighs behind us as we travelled...where ever we were, people came up to greet Pika and sigh over her.

I took her to work for a bit yesterday. Pika stole hearts there, too. We have one baker who is struggling with maintaining his "tough" exterior as we all discover he is really such a sweet heart underneath all his tattoos. Well, Andrew was the first one on the floor with Pika. Before he left work, he was lying on his stomach snapping pictures of her with his cell phone. I wish I had taken of picture of him! It melted my heart. I think Pika is going to bring a lot of delight to a lot of people. We feel soooooo lucky to have her. Thank you!

I'll never be able to say "Thank You" enough. We enjoyed meeting you, your family and all of your animals. What a great household.

Take care,


(And, give Arrow a special rub from me.)

Hi Peggy,

Just wanted to send you some updated photos of "Little Nicki".    I continue to enjoy her unique Corgi personality traits, even though she can be a bit stubborn at times.

Nicki has constant companionship at all hours of the day, and my mom ( in her eighties) has taken to her quite well.  She is well loved, and enjoys the company of children and adults alike.

Nicki is a well adjusted dog, and my compliments to you during her early weeks of growth, they seemed to have taken effect.

Right now she is very much interested in the red tree squirrels that run up and down the fence in the backyard.  She is starting to exercise her own degree of confidence, and personality as she matures into an adult dog.

Attached are some pictures that you might enjoy.

Best regards,

Bob Clary February 2006

Senior Mechanical Design Technician

Had this taken last weekend - isn't she just beautiful? She behaved so well during the photo shoot

- I really had anticipated she'd be a little shy but she loved being the center of attention. Maybe we'll see this one on your website!

Sherry :)

i just checked your site and saw you have more puppies...how fun. Well heres an update on Bella, she has completed two obedience classes and is doing very well , she wants to be near/next to me all the time. She is crate trained so she doesn't sleep with me at night, but spends every waking moment right at my side. she is very loving and loves to run and play at our local dog beach. She isn't the biggest fan of playing fetch, but she loves to chew. i hope all is well with you and your family. take care Natalie and Bella


Hoping that I've found the right email for you. We got our darling Grady (aka Tigger ) from you almost 5 yrs ago. I'll attach a recent picture from our hike in the Mt. Diablo foothills. We love him!!

Again, we've been SO happy with Grady -- thanks to you & Starbrite! He's a sweet, athletic, wonderful lil guy!

Julie & Bob Kipper