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About Our Kennel

We live in the foothills of the Sierras in Gold Run, CA.  We have been here for 23 years after spending many years in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Peggy and Ken Roberts have been involved in raising and training dogs since 1985. We have had our daughter, Gabrielle's help since 1996.


 Peggy is a small animal veterinarian, a UCD graduate, with a special interest in holistic health care. Visit her clinic's website for information about Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine www.sierraanimalwellnesscenter.com .


We adopted our first Corgi in 1994, Pegkens Murphy Peanut.  She  passed away at the age of 12 and we all miss her very much.  Our commitment is to producing top quality pets with excellent temperaments and exceptional health.


Our breeding dogs are our pets.  They have had their hips screened for the absence of hip dysplasia and their eyes screened for genetic diseases.  They have no history of back problems and have excellent coats and skin.

Since the DNA test for degenerative myelopathy was developed in 2007 we have been testing our breeding dogs with a goal of producing pups genetically free of this disease as soon as possible. Since 60% of the corgis being tested through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, OFA, are at risk for the disease and only 5% are clear this is a long term project. The University of Missouri is studying the dogs that develop the disease late in life, between the ages of 9-12, to try to determine the triggers for the development of the disease that closely resembles ALS or Lou Gehrigs disease in humans.


We also test our breeding dogs for VonWillebrand's disease, a genetic bleeding disorder.


Our pups are socialized with their littermates until a minimum of 10 weeks of age.   We raise the pups in the house in a large whelping box in our dining room. It is divided into a sleeping compartment and a bathroom section. It is really funny to see the 3 1/2 week old pups trying to climb over the divider to start using the pine pellets to urinate and defecate. This is a good way for us to contribute to the ease of housebreaking the pups when they go to their new homes. 

In late fall 2020 we made the decision to stop docking our puppy tails. That means that all our puppies will have their natural long tails. We have been docking tails on all our pups for 24 years except for a couple of pups that we kept for breeding. We love the expressive tails of these pups and after witnessing the pain and distress that the pups go through at 3-5 days of age when their tails are docked we stopped. The US is one of the only countries that continues to allow tail docking. It is banned in the UK, Scandinavia and the EU and Australia. We have posted pictures on our web site of our corgis with tails if you want to see what they look like. There is also a Facebook Group: corgis with tails.


We ask that all of our puppy buyers come to the ranch to pick out and then pick up their pups. We do not ship our puppies. We will meet our puppy buyers at the airport to pick up a puppy if you need to fly into Sacramento.


We feed our pups a top quality diet of Evanger's puppy canned.  We supplement with Solid Gold Seameal and other herbs to insure the health of our mother dogs.


These are two of our adults with tails: Bindi and PoohBear

Find us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pegkens-Pembroke-Welsh-Corgis-and-Great-Pyrenees/345806855605174